Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Code size

While looking for a Perl file to modify for another project, I came across a script I wrote ten years ago to count the lines and comments in C/C++ projects and out of curiosity decided to use it on the current Q-emuLator codebase.


The result is that Q-emuLator today has 68000 lines of code (67995 lines in 235 files to be precise, after excluding lines that are entirely blank or comments)…

…mostly written during nights over the last 19 years Confused smileSleeping half-moon.

The count includes some currently inactive code like the binary translator for the QemuFast project and it excludes the Unzip sources.

A few assembly and Perl files are also not counted.

There are then about 5000 lines of code between the M68000 debugger and a tool to generate tables for the disassembler and the timings for each CPU instruction.

Now if I add just a few lines I can get to 68008! Smile

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